Employee development on subscription

2.500-3.000 kr./month. Retaining the best employees is difficult today, unless you as their employer invest in them as individuals and facilitate the constant development of their skills. However, finding the time and the resources to keep following up can be difficult in a busy business. Co-pilot offers a stress-free solution: Our employee development package is a subscription with a remote

Find new talent with hybrid working

1.250 kr./hour for management consulting on hybrid working in software development with flexible conditions like part-time, remote working and distributed time zones. Are you missing out on the brightest minds today? There is a growing demand for more flexible working conditions when the best employees are job-hunting. Many people feel under pressure and would prefer to work e.g. 30 hours

Graduate program

9.900 kr./month per participant at min. 2 participants. There are not enough strong candidates for software roles like developer, QA, Product Owner or Data Scientist. This makes recruiting for such roles expensive – and sometimes you cannot attract qualified candidates at all. At the same time many clever and talented people are eager to step up to a such a position

Let your developers grow on the job

6.750 kr./month for a biweekly book&idea forum. Software developers are focused on improving their skillset. If they feel they cannot evolve as part of your team, they will quickly move on to other positions. As a consequence you will lose valuable knowledge and will have to join the costly and time-consuming battle for hiring new developers. A simple, low-cost solution

The simple way to add a rising star to a development team

Employers often avoid hiring profiles that do not quite fit the template of their current employees. As a consequence, the employer is unable to fill the position or must resort to less qualified candidates. By using a mentor, this kind of setback can be avoided.  The mentor can bridge the gap between the alternative profile and the team, they are joining. The mentor joins you for a short while and gets you set up for a productive future, leaving your team in a much stronger situation.

For example, more and more parents find that they have to stay at home several days per week with a child that cannot cope with a full school week. Unfortunately, many development teams hesitate to hire skilled candidates who cannot be on-site every day. A mentor can help the team and the candidate adapt their working patterns to make remote work productive and rewarding.

As another example, highly skilled refugees often find it difficult to get a contract, mainly due to concerns regarding their language skills or cultural barriers. A mentor can quickly identify the differences that matter and coach both the candidate and the team to overcome them.

A final example, an employee with Asperger syndrome needs the other team members to describe their tasks thoroughly, because they have difficulties working with tasks that are not clearly defined. On the other hand, colleagues affected by Asperger’s are very focused on detail and do not mind repetitive tasks. Therefore, re-organising your workload to fit the individual team members will make everyone in the team happier and more efficient