Senior developer, Solution architect and Technical project manager

Mentor profile

“Look at everything with trust and recognition, listen with interest, talk directly and to the point.”

As mentor I work with developing both people and the organisation they should thrive in. It is my brought professional experience as a generalist, that makes it possible for me to talk to specialists in all kind of areas.

To create an organistion for people with all kinds of backgrounds, it is crucial for me to build trust and recognise each others skills. To develop the organisation we need to show trust in each other and be able to talk directly and honestly about what we as a team or individuals need to learn, to perform our best as a team.

During a mentoring course with a developer from Syria we worked with building general knowledge on architecture, security, data modeling, professional work processes, test procedures and documentation of REST API’s and integrations. When working with development tasks I try to respect the choices made by people working on the solution before me, because only by taking on step at a time to change the solution to support the organisation of today, will we arrive safe at our goal.

Here is a statement on the mentoring I provided, as the developer from Syria experienced the course:

“Thanks for being a good teacher and leader.
It has been a privilege to have you as my mentor.
I have learned much from you and you were always generous with your information
and always had a solution to any kind of problem.”

Professional profile

Since 1995 I have worked professionally with developing IT solution in roles like senior developer, solution architect, technical project manager and product manager.

As technical project manager on large agile projects with up to 300 people in 10 organisations all over the world I have learned to work with people from many countries like India, Serbia, Ukraine, Greece, Hungary, Germany, France, England and many more.

As product manager in Software Innovation in Denmark I took part in negotiating the largest IT contract in the history of Denmark, with record and document management for the entire public sector.

As senior developer I have in recent years worked mostly with NodeJS and JavaScript programing, but I have worked many years with more than 20 different programming languages like C#, Java, PHP, Python.

Personal profile

My interest for programming in teams started back in 1984, when I was 11 years old and joined a small group of people interested in computers, that developed demos. We worked in Assembler, the lowest programming language on Amiga 500, to make effective image-algorithms and fast 3D-vector graphics.

Coming from a carpenter family is have always learned to plan a solution and select the best tool for the job, therefore I can see the advantages in all the programing languages I have worked with.

Today I live on Vesterbro with my family Vivian and our son Daniel, but originally I come from Sønderborg, so I speak German, English and Danish. In my spare time I practice the martial art Tai Chi, study physiurgical massage and languages like French and Greenlandic.