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Employee development on subscription

2.500-3.000 kr./month.

Retaining the best employees is difficult today, unless you as their employer invest in them as individuals and facilitate the constant development of their skills. However, finding the time and the resources to keep following up can be difficult in a busy business. Co-pilot offers a stress-free solution: Our employee development package is a subscription with a remote mentor that provides your key employees with a month-by-month learning program through concrete assignments, making sure that they expand their skill set all the time. The subscription buys 4 mentor hours per month. If you spend more than 2 hours per month with a mentor, this subscription is an advantage for you.

Concrete example: A software developer who has been in your team for a while. The typical program would be as follows.

First month: Direction and milestones

Our first step is to clarify the developer’s experience and your shared ambitions. What is the developer’s current profile and where should we go? The mentor maps out the following in a meeting with you (the developer and the leader):

  • What is the developer’s current profile?
    • Level: Intern? Junior? Mid? Senior?
    • Experience in specific areas: Frontend, backend, architecture, CI/CD, agile months and planning, people skills and cooperation.
    • Experience in specific technologies.
  • Where should the developer’s profile go in 12 months?
    • Which areas do you agree on developing?
      • Technologies to master.
      • New areas and tasks on the horizon.
      • Current areas of learning.
    • What is the scope?
      • How much time can the developer spend per month?
      • What is the budget?
      • Which vendors/sites are you already using?

The mentor collects all of this into a “route” for the developer’s growth. The mentor then creates a plan with milestones for the coming year and concrete goals for the coming months.

Following months: Mentoring, following up on the plan, new concrete goals

Following up is key! Otherwise you will often look back on a year with high ambitions but few results. Every month the mentor and the developer meet and discuss:

  • What has been achieved, what has been hard? The mentor provides concrete help and suggestions.
  • Should the milestones be adjusted?
  • What are the concrete goals for the next months? Examples:
    • Participation in or arrangement of workshops, hackathons, conferences.
    • Courses, physical or online.
    • Books, with followup from the mentor.
    • Concrete tasks to solved on-the-job.

The mentor updates the route and plan, and keeps the leader up-to-date.

Employee development on monthly subscription: 3.000 kr./month ex. VAT.

Employee development on quarterly subscription: 2.500 kr./month ex. VAT.

Extra mentor hours outside the 4 hours subscription: 1.250 kr./hour ex. VAT.